AirWave-Floeter's PaperWave Air Cushions Shine at WorldStar Global Packaging Awards

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AirWave-Floeter's PaperWave Air Cushions Shine at WorldStar Global Packaging Awards

AirWave-Floeter has received the prestigious Silver President’s Award at the 2023 WorldStar Global Packaging Awards for their innovative and sustainable PaperWave Bio air pillows. This recognition reaffirms their commitment to sustainability and showcases the exceptional quality of their eco-friendly packaging solutions.

A Win for Sustainability

The WorldStar Global Packaging Awards, organized by the World Packaging Organisation (WPO), are widely recognized as the pinnacle of packaging excellence. AirWave-Floeter’s PaperWave Bio air pillows stood out among 228 winners and secured the Silver President’s Award, a testament to their outstanding innovation and creative design.

Sustainability Features of PaperWave Air Cushions

AirWave-Floeter's PaperWave Bio air pillows in action.

One of the key highlights of PaperWave air cushions is their exceptional sustainability. These air cushions are crafted from 100% FSC® (C162510) recycled paper, making them an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic-based air cushions. After use, they can be easily disposed of in organic waste or curbside recycling bins, reducing waste and promoting a circular economy.

PaperWave cushions have received recyclability certification from the Paper Technology Foundation in Munich (PTS). They have also successfully passed testing at Western Michigan University (WMU), demonstrating their compatibility with standard recycling processes. This means that they can be placed directly into recycling bins along with the shipping box, making recycling hassle-free for businesses and consumers alike.

PaperWave air cushions strike the perfect balance between protecting shipped products and prioritizing sustainability. Composed of 5% material and 95% air when inflated, they are lightweight and cost-effective. These cushions are ideal for businesses committed to ensuring product safety while minimizing their environmental impact.

A Diverse Range of Solutions

AirWave-Floeter offers a comprehensive range of transport protection solutions to cater to various needs. In addition to PaperWave Bio, they also provide options like AirWave ClimaFilm-50 and 100. These solutions complement the PaperWave Bio line and further solidify the company’s dedication to eco-friendly packaging.

AirWave-Floeter takes pride in manufacturing their air cushion films in Germany, ensuring high-quality standards and environmental responsibility. The company’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in the fact that all their air cushion films are 100% recyclable, further reducing the carbon footprint associated with packaging materials.

A Bright Future for Sustainable Packaging

AirWave-Floeter's CEO Marc Rapp posing with Dr. Johannes Bergmair (Secretary General of WPO) and Pierre Pienaar (President of WPO).
Dr. Johannes Bergmair (Secretary General of WPO), Marc Rapp (CEO of AirWave-Floeter), and Pierre Pienaar (President of WPO).

AirWave-Floeter’s Silver President’s Award at the 2023 WorldStar Global Packaging Awards recognizes their outstanding contribution to sustainable packaging solutions. Their PaperWave Bio air cushions, crafted from 100% recycled paper, provide a reliable and eco-friendly alternative for businesses striving for greener operations. By choosing AirWave-Floeter’s air cushion films, businesses can prioritize both product protection and environmental responsibility. Embracing such innovative packaging solutions is a crucial step towards building a more sustainable future.