Crownhill Packaging's Commitment to Energy Efficiency: A Cutting-Edge Lighting Upgrade

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Crownhill Packaging's Commitment to Energy Efficiency: A Cutting-Edge Lighting Upgrade

In its unwavering commitment to sustainable packaging solutions, Crownhill Packaging has embarked on an impressive journey to minimize its carbon footprint through an extensive lighting upgrade. This strategic initiative not only underscores Crownhill’s dedication to energy efficiency but also aligns perfectly with its mission of environmental responsibility.

The Smart LED Upgrade: A Game-Changer in Energy Efficiency

Driven by a proactive stance on reducing energy consumption, Crownhill Packaging has executed a comprehensive lighting upgrade that stands as a testament to their commitment. The company is poised to significantly slash its greenhouse gas emissions, thus advancing its vision for a greener future.

At the heart of this transformation lies the Smart LED upgrade, an intelligent lighting system that establishes a digital ceiling throughout the facility. This cutting-edge system offers autonomous control over lighting, catering to specific tasks while optimizing energy efficiency and delivering superior illumination levels. The results translate into both short- and long-term savings, marking a revolutionary advancement in lighting technology.

Illuminating Environmental Benefits

Crownhill Packaging's Commitment to Energy Efficiency: A Cutting-Edge Lighting Upgrade

By upgrading all 621 lighting bays to energy-efficient LEDs, Crownhill Packaging achieves a remarkable reduction in energy consumption – a drop of 524,506 kWh annually. This translates to a third of the previous energy usage, emphasizing the magnitude of the change. Moreover, the Smart LED system captures usage and output data, paving the way for even more energy-saving applications.

Energy reduction is a cornerstone of eco-conscious business practices, serving as a potent tool to combat greenhouse gas emissions. The Smart LED upgrade’s annual energy savings equate to preserving 460 acres of forest and removing 83 cars from the road, saving a significant 43,901 gallons of gas. Beyond these impressive statistics, the lighting upgrade also plays a pivotal role in reducing Crownhill’s carbon footprint, saving 860,715 lbs. of carbon dioxide, 7,371 grams of nitrous oxide, and 5,866 grams of methane emissions each year.

Aligning with Sustainable Mandates

Crownhill Packaging’s investment in modern, energy-efficient lighting technology positions the company as a front-runner in aligning operations with ambitious federal and provincial mandates. These mandates aim to achieve Carbon Net Zero electric grids by 2035. The company’s participation in Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) further solidifies its dedication to carbon neutrality, providing assurance to stakeholders that its electricity consumption originates from Carbon Net Zero Sources.

Rodney Taylor, Vice President of Crownhill Packaging, shares his enthusiasm for the new Smart LED lighting upgrade: “It’s an investment in the future of our industry, improves the working environment for our employees, and is a visible indicator of our ongoing commitment to sustainable business operations.”

As part of the RECs program, Crownhill Packaging gains access to a robust Utility Bill Management system, streamlining administrative functions, reducing costs, and enhancing overall efficiency. With an Energy Efficiency Scorecard in hand, the company can transparently highlight its remarkable greenhouse gas emissions reduction and energy efficiency accomplishments.

A Reputation for Innovation

With a history spanning over 35 years, Crownhill Packaging has consistently delivered strategic and tailored packaging solutions to diverse clients. This latest move towards reduced energy consumption and a minimized carbon footprint solidifies Crownhill Packaging’s role as an industry pioneer, propelling the packaging sector towards a sustainable and environmentally responsible future.

Crownhill Packaging’s transformative lighting upgrade stands as a testament to its dedication to energy efficiency and environmental responsibility. As the company forges ahead, it continues to illuminate the path towards a greener future, proving that sustainability and innovation can coexist harmoniously in the packaging industry.