The Packaging Company Adds Eco-Friendly Packaging Solution for Small Businesses

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The Packaging Company Adds Eco-Friendly Packaging Solution for Small Businesses

The Packaging Company, a leader in sustainable and eco-friendly packaging options for businesses of all sizes, has announced the addition of a new product line that is perfect for e-commerce-focused small businesses. The AirWave nano4 cushioning system is a highly versatile packaging device that creates customizable and eco-friendly void fill on-demand with the push of a button.

The AirWave nano4 is designed with mobility and space conservation in mind, making it easy to carry and requiring minimal setup. Its compostable and recyclable film roll options can be loaded onto the machine and inflated into air cushioning pillows in real time. The result is a flexible, transportable, eco-friendly, and on-demand packaging solution that is perfect for small e-commerce-based businesses.

What makes the AirWave nano4 unique is its eco-conscious focus and three eco-friendly air cushioning options: PaperWave, PlantWave, and EcoWave-50 and -100. PaperWave is made from 100% (FSC certified) recycled paper and is entirely compostable. PlantWave is made from sustainable plant-based materials and is 100% home compostable. EcoWave is a 100% climate-neutral air cushioning option made with recycled plastic. EcoWave-50 film features more than 53% recycled content (most of it being post-consumer), while EcoWave-100 film features 100% recycled content (82% of it being post-consumer). With the support of ClimatePartner, EcoWave actively offsets all CO2 from its production and raw materials.

Not only is the AirWave nano4 an eco-friendly device, but it also allows small businesses to automate some of their packaging process—speeding up packing times, improving productivity, and reducing waste. The system is simple and easy to use and features a scannable QR code that leads to operating instructions and helpful tips.

As the AirWave nano4 system generates void fill on-demand, there is no need for storage of large and bulky materials. Each film type comes uninflated on rolls, helping conserve limited space in stock rooms or shipping areas. The machine itself features a small footprint and requires little maintenance, making it an excellent choice for small businesses that often do not have the resources to dedicate towards custom shipping solutions.

The Packaging Company prides itself on meeting the needs of businesses of all types and sizes, from e-commerce retailers to food service companies. By offering a variety of packaging options and low order minimums, they focus on delivering flexible solutions for small or growing businesses that may not require the extensive supply lines of a larger business. Continually adding more eco-friendly options to their lineup helps The Packaging Company meet its goal of giving small businesses the products they deserve.

Marc Rapp, CEO of AirWave Packaging Inc., states, “We’re very proud to work with The Packaging Company to offer one of the most sustainable void fill and e-commerce-focused packaging systems in North America. TPC has an exceptional understanding of what today’s consumers expect of their packaging, and the AirWave’s recyclable, compostable, and climate-neutral void fill is an ideal addition to their e-commerce packaging options.”

For more information on The Packaging Company’s eco-friendly products and to learn how they can help your small business thrive, please visit their website.