PaperWave Air Cushions Win Top Innovation Award

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PaperWave air cushions

PaperWave Air Cushions Win Top Innovation Award

AirWave/Floeter Group’s PaperWave air cushion packaging has been recognized for its sustainability efforts and innovation at the annual SPC Innovator Awards. Presented by the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, the packaging cushions won the Top Innovation in Responsible Sourcing Award. The award acknowledges the use of sustainable materials, improvements in sourcing practices, and innovative packaging solutions.

PaperWave air cushion chains and bags are made from 100% FSC recycled paper and are both home compostable and curbside recyclable. They can be disposed of in organic waste or curbside bins, making them a convenient choice for businesses that want to focus on sustainability. PaperWave cushions are also inflated directly at AirWave packaging stations, requiring less energy, generating less waste, and producing fewer CO2 emissions during transportation.

Once inflated, PaperWave air cushions consist of 5% material and 95% air, making them a popular, affordable, and sustainable choice for businesses that need to protect their products during shipping. As part of the AirWave PaperWave Starter Set, the air cushions have been certified as recyclable by the Paper Technology Foundation in Munich (PTS) and passed the pre-test at Western Michigan University (WMU) as PaperWave Box.

Marc Rapp, CEO of AirWave/Floeter Group, states, “We provide compostable packaging for one of the fastest growing consumer sectors in the world: the e-commerce industry. Over 95% of all plastic waste ends up in landfills in North America, so developing a compostable packaging material that we can effectively supply to the industry was an important milestone for us at AirWave.”

The SPC Innovator Awards are presented each year to organizations and individuals who demonstrate extraordinary advancements in packaging sustainability. The packaging must prove certified sustainability claims, provide technical information about the packaging’s achievements, and showcase a breakthrough in its category to be considered for the awards.

AirWave/Floeter Group is honored to receive the award. They are committed to sustainable solutions and innovations in packaging that reduce environmental footprints while allowing businesses to ship their products in more sustainable ways. Congratulations to all the winners and finalists for their achievements and contributions towards a more eco-friendly and sustainable future.

Floeter was founded in 1978 in Stuttgart and originally provided product protection for automotive components. In 2012, the company spun off its successful air cushion systems, AirWave Packaging, into its own company, focusing on providing the most efficient product protection while using the least possible material.