Crownhill Packaging Expands Branded Fleet in 2023

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Crownhill Packaging's new design on trucks

Crownhill Packaging Expands Branded Fleet in 2023

Crownhill Packaging, one of North America’s largest full-service packaging suppliers, has announced the expansion of their branded delivery fleet for the year 2023. The company’s new fleet of vehicles will bring extra versatility to their existing shipping services and will streamline their delivery processes. The new trucks will also help Crownhill Packaging focus on serving smaller businesses and local customers with faster and more efficient delivery services.

The expanded fleet of delivery vehicles will also play a role in Crownhill Packaging’s long-running sustainability initiatives and eco-conscious organizational direction. The company’s existing collaboration with ClimatePartner ensures that their digital footprint is kept climate neutral, and the new short-run vehicles will be key to reducing the company’s local and total carbon footprint as well.

Crownhill Packaging is also debuting an eye-catching branded design as part of the new fleet endeavor. Each truck is wrapped in a glowing blue, bright white, and rich black color scheme that showcases a look inside their warehouse and lists the company’s expansive capabilities and services, including packaging fabrication and conversion, co-packing and fulfillment, and logistics and distribution.

Crownhill Packaging truck

The truck faces artfully feature Crownhill Packaging’s powerful Packaging Solutions Start Here® tagline, the mission statement guiding every custom packaging solution they develop for their customers. As part of efforts to express their status as one of North America’s largest full-service packaging suppliers, branding materials and delivery vehicles are moving away from the Limited and Incorporated designations in their logo usage.

“Expanding our fleet is proof positive of our commitment to continually growing our capabilities and better serving our customers and their unique and dynamic needs,” says Marc Hyman, Director of Strategy and Operations. “Our new truck wrap design speaks to the experience, insight, and expertise we have to offer businesses, and its striking look and feel is sure to make an indelible mark on everyone who sees it.”

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