Crownhill Packaging Adds EverTec™ Mailer

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EverTec Mailers

Crownhill Packaging Adds EverTec™ Mailer

Crownhill Packaging, one of the largest full-service packaging suppliers in North America, has recently added an innovative and eco-friendly padded mailer to its growing lineup of sustainable and ecommerce-focused packaging options. The EverTec™ padded mailer, manufactured by global packaging leader Pregis Corporation, is an affordable and functional alternative to shipping boxes and plastic-based mailers. It is made from paper and fully curbside recyclable, providing businesses with an eco-friendly packaging solution.

The EverTec™ padded mailer uses lightweight cushioning and a padded construction to protect consumer goods during shipping. It is designed to reduce post-consumer waste and create a shipping product that is puncture-resistant and flexible enough to offer some give during the shipping process. This feature is essential to protecting goods without damaging them due to inflexibility.

Crownhill Packaging is committed to providing eco-conscious and sustainable packaging solutions to its customers. The addition of EverTec™ padded mailers is just the latest example of the company’s efforts to help businesses choose smarter and more eco-friendly packaging options. The EverTec™ mailer lineup is available in several sizes, accommodating a wide range of items, and designed to reduce the carbon footprint of each package.

EverTec Mailers set

“We’re excited to add EverTec™ mailers to our growing lineup of smart, sustainable packaging options for our customers,” says Rodney Taylor, Vice President at Crownhill Packaging. “It’s gratifying to see our industry successfully make such great strides forward in developing packaging materials that are both protective and eco-conscious.”

Michele Burkholder, USA Regional and Canadian Sales Manager at Pregis Corporation, praised the innovative and effective design of EverTec™ mailers, saying, “Alongside being entirely curbside recyclable, its flexibility provides superior performance as a replacement for smaller boxes.”

With more than 35 years of experience in the packaging industry, Crownhill Packaging understands the importance of providing customers with the custom packaging solutions their products deserve. They also recognize the importance of being at the forefront of environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging endeavors.

As businesses and customers continue to seek out smarter and more eco-friendly packaging options, Crownhill Packaging is responding by making it easier and more cost-effective to choose products that meet their requirements.

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